Tae Lynne – Against The Odds: Stories Of Triumph

Against The Odds Tae Lynne

Tae Lynne – Against The Odds: Stories Of Triumph

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Tae Lynne

I feel blessed to have found my purpose through the adversities in my life and I’ve never felt happier.

At the age of 27, doctors discovered a congenital kidney defect, which resulted in surgery on both kidneys, lifelong impairment to kidney function and the inability to carry a baby.  Then came three surgeries to remove pre-cancerous cells from my cervix; two short marriages ending in divorce; the loss of my mother to aggressive, painful cancer at 68 and finally, being diagnosed with a chronic illness at the age of 44, which left me disabled and unable to work.

After several years of being bed-bound on the worst days and house-bound on the good ones, life looked pretty bleak. Any type of physical, emotional or mental stress would land me back in bed. I got so down that suicide seemed like the only way to end the pain and feelings of low self-esteem, lack of purpose and value to others. Thankfully, I did not go through with it.

In order to get out of my own despair, I realized getting back to helping others might be the key to making myself feel better.  While healthy I had been an avid volunteer, helping the elderly and the handicapped, along with pet rescue organizations.  I began to volunteer with a local hospice organization. The time spent giving to someone in a less fortunate position made me grateful for what I still possessed.

I began practicing random acts of kindness to everyone I encountered. Eventually I started a blog about my journey and how spreading kindness to others saved me.

Now I use social media to raise awareness and spread messages of kindness, love and compassion around the world. I believe these messages give people hope, uplift their spirits, inspire and incite action to change the world.


I believe it takes all of us, acting collectively, to make a change. Even if it’s just a small act of kindness, it will create a ripple effect. My 10 Simple Ways To Make A Difference ByTae Lynnefree giveaway, 10 Simple Ways to Make a Difference: Start Here outlines easy ways to give back to the world, even if you’re experiencing a difficult time, suffering with chronic illness or think you’re “just too busy.” Research shows treating others with kindness and compassion can improve your own emotional resilience, boost your immune system, and reduce your susceptibility to depression. It’s a win-win.

Despite living with several chronic illnesses, I found several key ways to improve my health and add meaning to my life. My free guide, Five Ways to Feel Better Starting Today will create a positive change in anyone’s mindset, as well as physical health.

Although I don’t have the stamina to go out and physically volunteer, I found a way to help charities in a tangible way. I created several products bearing a few of my popular kindness messages and images. A portion of all proceeds from my Kindness Junkie Shop go toward Feeding America and ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation), two very important charities close to my heart.

I am blessed to still be here and with the ability to serve others just by being me.



About Tae Tae LynneLynne

Tae Lynne’s mission is to inspire others, including fellow chronic illness sufferers, to live a more meaningful life by practicing kindness and acceptance to all. By sharing her own journey of loss, depression and illness, she’ll show others how to make an impact and create a kinder world one minute at a time. #KindnessChangesLives

Tae is a former criminal/civil investigator, corporate trainer and research analyst who is now an author, blogger, and kindness advocate.Green Smoothie 3d version

She is the author of Green Smoothies to the Rescue: How Green Smoothies Helped Ease my Gastroparesis, Restored my Strength and Helped  me Thrive, which is currently available for preorder on Amazon and releasing on July 26, 2016. Sharing how she dealt with a painful digestive disorder, Tae hopes to help others who may be going through similar issues.

She is currently working on her next book, due out in late 2016, which includes inspirational acts of kindness, quotes and journaling prompts. Tae is also a collaborative author in the best-selling, inspirational book series, 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul and its subsequent book, 365 Moments of Grace, released June 2016. Both books contain spiritual, uplifting, true-life stories from over 200 authors.

She lives outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with her partner and dog.

Show Your Support By Visiting Tae Lynne’s Kindness Junkie Shop

Kindness Junkie Shop

A portion of all proceeds from my Kindness Junkie Shop go toward Feeding America and ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation).





Connect With Her:

Website: http://www.60secondstokindness.com

Facebook (personal): https://www.facebook.com/KindnessJunkie

Facebook (community): https://www.facebook.com/60SecondsToKindness

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kindness_junkie

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/kindness_junkie

Instagram: https://instagram.com/kindness_junkie

Email: KindnessJunkie@60SecondsToKindness.com

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