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Grindguard PM

Creative Spotlight on Grindguard PM

Innovative Night Guards

Fight the adverse effects of Bruxism with GrindguardPM night guards.

We leverage state-of-the-art 3D digital scans and 3D printing to create a more comfortable fitting Bruxism mouthguard for better protection from teeth grinding and teeth clenching.

Your Dentist’s Nightguard versus GrindGuardPM

GrindguardPM night guards are the same custom night guards you would receive at your local dentist office.  Your dentist most likely uses a dental lab such as GrindguardPM to make their night guards.  There is no difference in material or quality.

The only difference between your dentist and GrindguardPM night guards are the price and who makes your mold. With GrindguardPM, you can cut out the middle man by making your own mold impression and SAVE.

We also offer what most dentists do not, a 100% Money-Back Guarantee and a Replacement Warranty.GrindguardPM moneyback guarantee

Three GrindguardPM Levels Of Protection

We offer three levels of protection from teeth grinding and teeth clenching.  Depending on the severity of your symptoms, you can choose from Mild, Moderate, or Severe.

What Level Are You? Find out using our easy guide.

All our night guards are custom fit, offer durability, and comfort that protects against the effects of Bruxism and teeth clenching.

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Creative Spotlight on Sportsguard

BIOguard Ultra Mouthguard Kit

The Ultra Thin, Ultra Comfortable, Ultra Protective Mouthguard


Solid color BIOguard Ultra Mouthguard – An ultra slim and comfortable mouthguard with an extra layer of energy deflecting Shok-Shield. Offering the ultimate fit, comfort, and protection for youth and adult athletes of all ages.

Using the same outstanding protection as found in our BIOguard Mouthguards, the Bioguard Ultra offers a thinner and more comfortable mouthguard when playing, talking, or hydrating all game long. Crafting the mouthguard from dual density, PolyShok mouthguard material and adding a layer of energy deflecting Shok-Shield provide ultimate protection to youth or adult athletes no matter what the sport.


Variety of Color Options

Several color options are available for your  BIOguard Ultra Mouthguard.

Color Choices


What You Get In Our BIOguard Ultra Mouthguard Kit

Each BIOguard Mouthguard Kit includes:

A mouthguard tray. Impression putty. Instructions on how to properly make your dental impression.

A postage-paid return shipping label. (U.S. Customers Only.)

A box to return your newly made impression.

A FREE mouthguard carrying case. (Will ship with newly crafted mouthguard)

We guarantee that once we receive your acceptable impression, your custom mouthguard will be created and shipped via priority mail within two business days.

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Creative Spotlight on RedLabel Shirts

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Marching Band and Musical Instruments Inspired Gear

Stickers – T-Shirts – Hoodies – Tank Tops – And More

RedLabel Shirts focuses on creating cool t-shirts, stickers, and more for those creative individuals who have a love for marching band or musical instruments.


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