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Are you an expert in finding or spreading happiness in our daily lives or the world around us? Do you yearn to share your knowledge or words of wisdom? Our mission has always been to bring a smile and happiness everyday to our readers. Consider joining our mission of sharing happiness by contributing content that will truly inspire and motivate our fans.

Guest Post Policies

We are pretty open on the topic submissions from our guest bloggers so long as the content adheres to our mission of sharing, spreading or finding happiness. We are looking to provide topics our readers will value.

Our Preferred Topics and Subjects

Tips or tutorials on any aspect of happiness can be submitted. Example topics we look for include:

  • How to be happy (choose a specific challenging scenario)
  • How to share happiness with others (locally or globally)
  • Staying happy in today’s hectic world
  • Positive thinking techniques during various situations readers may face on a daily basis
  • Happiness in relationships with family, friends, or coworkers

Our Quality Requirements

Please provide unique, original (no duplicate), and detailed content. Content should be at least 1000 words. We are not looking for heavy promotion of a product or service (although we do not mind if you mention it). Please proofread your guest post prior to submission for spelling and grammatical errors.

Our Link Requirements and Policies

Outbound links will be evaluated to ensure they benefit our readers. Affiliate or spam links are prohibited and will be removed.  Any biographical information you wish to add to the blog post should only contain 1 or 2 links. Examples include a link to your website, twitter handle or to your blog.

Our Submission and Formatting Preferences

Please email your guest post when you are ready to submit at behappy@allegrotoday.com. Put “Allegro Today Guest Post” in the subject line, and put your post in the actual email or in a plain text file.

Formatting your blog post to include subheadings in the post body, short paragraphs, or bullet points to make the post easier to read are encouraged.

Our Republishing Policies

Any content submitted will be attributed to the author. The author can, and is encouraged, to link from the guest post on AllegroToday.com to his/her own site. Rights to the content submitted will reside with AllegroToday.com. To ensure our readers have original content, authors can not publish their guest posts elsewhere.

Engage With Our Readers

Once the guest blog post is submitted, approved, and published to our website we strongly encourage you, the author, to reply to any comments from readers. It doesn’t matter if the response is simple as long as you are engaging and acknowledging the readers.

In Conclusion

We so appreciate your time and willingness to be apart of our mission to share happiness. We, and our fans, look forward to reading your post.

Much Happiness Always,

The Allegro Today Team

#MyHappyPlace is AllegroToday.com

Any questions or comments please email us at behappy@allegrotoday.com.

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