Join Us As We Take Up The #30DaysofThanks Challenge

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Join Us As We Take Up The #30DaysofThanks Challenge

November is upon us, and so comes the hustle and bustle of preparing for family gatherings, traveling, guests, meals, house cleaning and holiday shopping. Before the stress and chaos envelop us all, we have decided to pay homage to Thanksgiving this month by taking up the #30DaysofThanks challenge.

Everyday this month we will share something we are thankful for.  We encourage you to do the same. It can be an experience or something more tangible. Share a photo or post each day with #30DaysofThanks. Tag your friends or family members and challenge them to count their blessings as well this November.

Listed below are themes for each day to guide you. Don’t let the meaning of the holiday pass you by. Allow the blessings in your life to resonate within and fill your spirit with joy and gladness.

Let us know what you are thankful for in the comments below.

#30DaysofThanks Daily Themes


Day 1: A Friend

Day 2: A Challenge You Overcame

Day 3:  Something in Nature

Day4: A Skill You Have

Day 5: An Experience

Day 6: A Book

Day 7: Work

Day 8: A Tradition You Have

Day 9: Technology / Appliance

Day 10: A Family Member

Day 11: A Problem You Solved

Day 12: Shelter

Day 13: A Relationship

Day 14: Freedom

Day 15: A Pet

Day 16: (You choose- open)

Day 17: Safety

Day 18: A Teacher

Day 19: Your Favorite Song

Day 20: Quiet Time

Day 21: A Photograph

Day 22: Hobbies

Day 23: Favorite Smell

Day 24: Faith

Day 25: Community

Day 26: Family

Day 27: Today’s Sustenance

Day 28: Laughter

Day 29: Kindness

Day 30: Life

To help encourage you further this holiday season, we have some great tips and resources on how you can Fall Into Happiness with relaxation techniques, prepping, and organization tools.

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