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Road To Happiness

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Road To Happiness: 30 Ways In 30 Days To Boost Your Happiness!


Looking for ways to boost your happiness? Of course, we all are. But how or where do you start? Your life is hectic, full of challenges and stress.

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Happiness In Your Golden Years

5 Happiness Tips To Rock Your Golden Years

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How to Stay Happy and Avoid Stress When You Are a Senior

For many, retirement is a happy prospect with the freedom to do anything that you want on your own terms and pace. Whether it is to travel, take care of a loved one, start a second career or concentrate on a passion, being a pensioner has many benefits for older adults. What is essential is to prepare well for retirement so that you have nothing to worry about except staying happy and enjoying the rest of your years.

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Something Happy Is Coming

It’s Finally Here!

Let’s create a happier world.

Many of you may have seen our
post last week introducing The Good Cards. An app that takes our same mission at Allegro Today, spreading happiness to a global audience, and turns it into an interactive game to inspire the world to be kind to one another. It’s a good deed, happiness spreading app.

This app kind of reminds me of that Progressive commercial where Flo and Jamie go around completing good deed missions; fixing mailboxes, repairing windows, leaving money, etc.  

To play this game, a person starts with a physical Good Card which is either given to you by someone else or obtained after donating $2. The card is scanned into the app and the good deeds begin! The card itself is made out of an environmentally-safe plastic that biodegrades back into our Earth if it’s dropped or lost by someone, so no worries there!

The Good Cards just launched their Kickstarter campaign to improve and grow the possibilities of this app.

Right now there are only 2,000 cards produced around the world. A donation means you get a card (or more depending on donation) to begin playing the game, and your contribution goes towards creating more cards, app updates and features, and hopefully in the not-so-soon future, custom missions we can create specific to only our Allegro Today followers. Pretty cool.

We want to work together to inspire more people and make our world a happier place!

Check it out here!


An App that has made Kindness into a Game… Introducing, The Good Cards

Are you a dreamer that wishes to spread happiness? Well, guess what!? One company has set out to make sure you, and other dreamers, are able to make real life impacts on the world around them! Introducing, The Good Cards, whose goal is to create a community of dreamers by having users play the game and track the series of reactions happening from players doing good deeds.


How Does it Work?

You may be wonder how this program actually works. The first thing to do is to head to their Kickstarter, to receive your Good Card, which is a physical card with a QR code. Download the “The Good Cards” mobile app and scan your physical card using the QR reader within the app. After scanning, you will receive a mission. Although missions are unique, we wanted to test it for ourselves for the purpose of explanation. So, for our first mission here at AllegroToday, the app reminded us that in order to be there for others, one must be there for themselves. So, for our first mission, the app challenged us to treat ourselves.

Our Missions include options such as:

  • Sign up for WorkOut Class!
  • Book an Adventurous Weekend!
  • Create something from Scratch!

And the list goes on!

After finishing the challenge, pass the card on to the person that received the good deed mission that you just completed. Once they receive the card, they should scan the same card into “The Good Cards” mobile app and start again with a new good deed mission! As that card travels, the stories grow and the progress of kindness is shown through the app.


What’s the Purpose?

Just like AllegroToday, the purpose of The Good Cards project is to spread positivity and kindness into the world! The Good Cards would like to help build social trust in a world filled with environmental and social challenges. By sharing stories and doing good, we create communities of inspirational collective actions that assist in building and restoring faith in humanity and society. Overall, The Good Cards would be a great addition to living a positive lifestyle!

Join the Game, Become part of the Community!

 So, if you want to continue to spread endless positivity into the world, Join the game and follow The Good Cards on social media to stay up to date on their upcoming release!!!


12 Reasons Why Dogs Are Great For Kids

12 Amazing Reasons Why Dogs Are Great For Kids

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Have you ever had or have a dog as a pet? If you did, you already know the advantages of having one at home, especially if you have small kids. Generally dogs are not dangerous to adults and children alone. They can be easily trained to obey you and behave both indoors and outdoors. Aside from training a dog to become obedient and behaved, there is a more important benefit in having one – training them to help you look after your children.

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12 Days of Happiness Giveaway

12 Days Of Happiness Giveaway

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Tis the Season for Happiness…

so to commemorate this festive time of year we are giving away twelve of our Allegro Today custom hand-stamped bracelets through our #12DaysofHappiness Giveaway.

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i am thankful for

Join Us As We Take Up The #30DaysofThanks Challenge

November is upon us, and so comes the hustle and bustle of preparing for family gatherings, traveling, guests, meals, house cleaning and holiday shopping. Before the stress and chaos envelop us all, we have decided to pay homage to Thanksgiving this month by taking up the #30DaysofThanks challenge.

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Creative Spotlight on You!

Creative Spotlight

Get In The Spotlight

Have a product or service to sell and need to reach a wider audience?

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Falling Into Happiness

Fall Into Happiness This Holiday Season

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The hectic and stressful holiday season is fast approaching. Family gatherings to plan, meals to prepare, shopping and errand running, gift buying, and the list goes on.

How do we enjoy the upcoming festivities in light of the chaos and upheaval they can bring to our daily lives?

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September To Remember


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Giveaways All Month Long

Our mission is focused on sharing happiness with our community in an impactful way.

With September dubbed as Self-Improvement Month, and through a generous donation; we are going to make this a #SeptemberToRemember with amazing giveaways all month long.

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Against The Odds Tae Lynne

Tae Lynne – Against The Odds: Stories Of Triumph

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Tae Lynne

I feel blessed to have found my purpose through the adversities in my life and I’ve never felt happier.

At the age of 27, doctors discovered a congenital kidney defect, which resulted in surgery on both kidneys, lifelong impairment to kidney function and the inability to carry a baby.  Then came three surgeries to remove pre-cancerous cells from my cervix; two short marriages ending in divorce; the loss of my mother to aggressive, painful cancer at 68 and finally, being diagnosed with a chronic illness at the age of 44, which left me disabled and unable to work.

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Against The Odds Lisa Winston

Lisa Winston – Against The Odds: Stories Of Triumph

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Lisa Winston

Lisa Winston

I’m living my dream in this very moment.  I’ve worked “hard” to make it happen.  I’ve stayed committed and pulled out my GRIT toolkit many times which includes courage, tenacity and never giving up.  I’ve mixed in just the right amount of fire from my inner core, so it’s all happening in perfect timing. 

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Against The Odds Courtney Elmer

Courtney Elmer – Against The Odds: Stories of Triumph

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Courtney Elmer

Courtney Elmer

Courtney laid awake all night, tossing and turning, fearful of what the morning would bring. It was barely dawn as her mom drove her to the hospital, where she checked in as a patient for the first time in her entire life.

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Share Happiness Through Laughter

Share A Laugh

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Laughter makes the world a happier place. This collection of funny memes and images will have you laughing out loud.  Give the gift of laughter and happiness by sharing these pictures with your friends and family.

I Want More Laughs & Happiness!
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Sharing Happiness Through Laughter

Share Happiness Through Laughter

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Laughter Sparkles Like a Splash Of Water In Sunlight

What a great gift happiness is to receive and to give. Happiness can be shared in so many ways, like sending a “Thank You” note,  a kiss on the cheek, warm hug, or through a smile. One of the funnest and easiest ways to spread happiness is through laughter.

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5 Simple Rules for a Happy Life

5 Simple Rules for a Happy Life

Life is hectic and trying. Sometimes we need a refresher on what we can do to achieve lasting happiness and have a life filled with joy.

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The Meaning Of Friendship

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There are so many wonderful and thoughtful quotes and sayings that can relate to friendship. We have chosen just a few to showcase. Feel free to share with your friends and let them know how much they mean to you.

#MyHappyPlace is AllegroToday.com

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Share Happiness

5 Ways to Share Happiness

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Letting your happiness overflow to others can bring such great joy not only for them, but you as well. Here are just a few, but highly impactful, ways to share happiness.

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It is time to begin - Getting Motivated

Let’s Get Motivated: 5 Key Methods To Help You Get Back On Track

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You know what needs done, but you just can’t seem to get in the mood to do it. All of us have felt this way, at one time or another in our lives.

So how do you find a way to get the motivation you need to complete your checklist or finish the goal you have been procrastinating? Well we have scoured our resources and found some great tips to help you do just that.

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Life Stuck In A Rut?

4 Great Ways To Dig Yourself Out Of That Rut

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At one time or another, you may have felt like your life was bland and stagnant. “Same old, same old” comes to mind. If you are feeling that way, here a few ways to get yourself back on track to a life filled with happiness.

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Top 10 Tips For Finding Happiness

10 Useful Tips For Finding Happiness Everyday

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Finding happiness can be done in so many ways, and what brings you happiness may not bring happiness for another.

However, we scoured our resources and found some universal tips for finding happiness that can work for anyone. We hope you will try each and every one and your life will be filled with overflowing happiness.

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Into The Heart Of Finding Happiness (Part 3)

A Personalized Guide On Finding What Brings You Happiness (Part 3)

Happiness Awaits! We are so proud of you for taking the steps necessary for finding meaningful and long-lasting personal happiness. Our 3-step series began with retrospection and then delved into self-evaluation.  If you have completed steps 1 and 2, and are now ready for the final step; give yourself a big pat on your back! Seriously, most people do not go through so much work and self-reflection on their path to seeking happiness.

If you missed the first step click here to begin.

Part 3 of our 3 part series, Into The Heart Of Finding Happiness, brings us to determination.

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Allegro Today | Retiring Abroad - Picture Credit: Christoffer Engstrom

Fun In The Sun: Planning Your Retirement Abroad

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Planning for a Happy Retirement Abroad

Some of us dream of retiring at home in the house where we brought up our children; of spending time with the grandchildren and enjoying longer vacations to far-off destinations. Others dream of reducing expenses down to the bare basics, selling the family home and buying something smaller, cheaper and much easier to maintain.

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Camping With Kids

Surviving A Camping Trip…With The Kids!!

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Planning a camping trip with the kids can be chaotic. The thought may even strike up nightmarish visions for some parents. There are so many details you have to give your attention to. You may wonder if it will even be worth the effort it takes in wrangling up the kids, supplies, and loading up the vehicle for that long road trip into the wilderness. The resounding answer is YES!

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Into The Heart Of Finding Happiness (Part 2)

A Personalized Guide On Finding What Brings You Happiness (Part 2)

Congrats! You have taken up the challenge of finding meaningful and long-lasting personal happiness. Our 3-step series began with retrospection. You complied your top 10 happiest memories and dug deeper into why each one of those memories made such an impact on your happiness.  If you missed the first step click here to begin.

Part 2 of our 3 part series, Into The Heart Of  Finding Happiness, delves into self-evaluation.

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Into The Heart Of Finding Happiness (Part 1)

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A Personalized Guide On Finding What Brings You Happiness


Does happiness feel allusive or unattainable? Have you ever wondered why it’s so fleeting? Do you see others and wonder how do they always seem to be smiling and happy?

Let’s be frank, happiness isn’t a one and done. As the saying goes “Happiness isn’t a destination, it’s a journey”. Our feelings, emotions, life circumstances, experiences, and tastes all continually change as the years go by. Life has many ups and downs, and well it can be just hard to hold on to happiness.

The good news, with a little retrospection and self-evaluation mixed together with a dash of determination, you can find what makes you happy. Not just fleeting happiness, but life-altering, good-to-the-last-drop kind-of happiness.

We hope you are overflowing with excitement and anticipation. Are you ready to get this journey started? If so keep reading on…

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