5 Ways to Share Happiness

Share Happiness

5 Ways to Share Happiness

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Letting your happiness overflow to others can bring such great joy not only for them, but you as well. Here are just a few, but highly impactful, ways to share happiness.


Something as simple as a smile can brighten someone’s day. Share a smile with a friend, a loved one, or even better a passerby.

2. Compliment Someone

Let someone know how valuable they are to you. Do not assume they know how much you appreciate them in your life. A big thank you can sure warm a person’s heart.

3. Lend Your Ear

In today’s world, we are inundated with all kinds of technology and doodads. Everything is done 24/7 and at lightning speed. All which has its advantages, but also disadvantages such as missing those opportunities to slow down and wholeheartedly lend an ear to a friend or loved one. So put down that cell phone, and listen with interest. You will be surprised at the impact that can have on someone.

4. Give Of Your Time

What a precious gift time can be. So many things you can do with your time that are valuable to someone else. Spending quality time, helping a friend move furniture, running an errand, cooking a meal are all great ways to share your time and spread happiness.

5. Encouragement

Send someone a boost of encouragement with a simple post it note that is uplifting or supporting toward them during troubling times in their lives or when you notice they may be feeling stressful.


We surely would like to know how you have shared happiness with others, or even how someone has shared happiness with you, please leave a comment below to help inspire others to give the gift of happiness.


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