Fall Into Happiness This Holiday Season

Falling Into Happiness

Fall Into Happiness This Holiday Season

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The hectic and stressful holiday season is fast approaching. Family gatherings to plan, meals to prepare, shopping and errand running, gift buying, and the list goes on.

How do we enjoy the upcoming festivities in light of the chaos and upheaval they can bring to our daily lives?


First take a deep breathe in and slowly exhale. Staying calm and focusing on one task at a time will help you stay positive and upbeat through the upcoming holiday months. If you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed. Take a time out to unwind and relax.

You may find taking a brisk walk, reading a book, or taking time to hang out with a close friend will help you to unwind. Delegating tasks where needed will also alleviate stress.

A wonderful resource from HelpGuide.org on Relaxation Techniques for Stress Relief. Near the bottom of their page they have free downloadable PDF’s and Audio’s.

Our Road To Happiness also offers some great ways to keep the smile on your face. It offers 30 different ways to focus on boosting your happiness with a short daily tutorial. Bookmark the page and come back as often as needed.

Road To Happiness: 30 Ways in 30 Days


Prepping and organizing now is the key to reducing the stress and chaos of the holiday seasons. Using your time effectively will allow you to focus and enjoy the moments you will be sharing with family and friends. To Do lists and a calendar will keep you on your game.

OrganizingMoms.com helps to reduce stress and get your “Ducks In A Row Before The Holidays” with calendars, checklists, and all sorts of great planning tools. And a link for ways to Stress Less This Holiday Season.

Smead also offers free downloadable PDF checklists for holiday planning, traveling, home organization, fall cleaning, and much more. They also have podcasts available.


Allow positive messages to penetrate your mind and soul. Focus on messages of love, hope, joy, and the gift of relationships. Release the negative emotions and feelings that may try and enter in. Do not allow yourself to ponder negative thinking as that will allow the door to be opened to dwelling and turning your focus away from the happiness and joy you should be experiencing this time of year.

Our Happy Quotes gallery lets you sort by category and easily share the quote on Facebook, Twitter, or save to your Pinterest board.

Be Happy

With relaxing techniques, planning tools, and Happy Quotes all in hand, now it’s time to enjoy the festivities and companionship of family and friends.

Let us know how you reduce stress through the holiday season in the comments below.

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