Something Happy Is Coming

Something Happy Is Coming

It’s Finally Here!

Let’s create a happier world.

Many of you may have seen our
post last week introducing The Good Cards. An app that takes our same mission at Allegro Today, spreading happiness to a global audience, and turns it into an interactive game to inspire the world to be kind to one another. It’s a good deed, happiness spreading app.

This app kind of reminds me of that Progressive commercial where Flo and Jamie go around completing good deed missions; fixing mailboxes, repairing windows, leaving money, etc.  

To play this game, a person starts with a physical Good Card which is either given to you by someone else or obtained after donating $2. The card is scanned into the app and the good deeds begin! The card itself is made out of an environmentally-safe plastic that biodegrades back into our Earth if it’s dropped or lost by someone, so no worries there!

The Good Cards just launched their Kickstarter campaign to improve and grow the possibilities of this app.

Right now there are only 2,000 cards produced around the world. A donation means you get a card (or more depending on donation) to begin playing the game, and your contribution goes towards creating more cards, app updates and features, and hopefully in the not-so-soon future, custom missions we can create specific to only our Allegro Today followers. Pretty cool.

We want to work together to inspire more people and make our world a happier place!

Check it out here!


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