Into The Heart Of Finding Happiness (Part 2)

Into The Heart Of Finding Happiness (Part 2)

A Personalized Guide On Finding What Brings You Happiness (Part 2)

Congrats! You have taken up the challenge of finding meaningful and long-lasting personal happiness. Our 3-step series began with retrospection. You complied your top 10 happiest memories and dug deeper into why each one of those memories made such an impact on your happiness.  If you missed the first step click here to begin.

Part 2 of our 3 part series, Into The Heart Of  Finding Happiness, delves into self-evaluation.

Into The Heart of Finding Happiness

Step 2: Self-Evaluation


Now that you have taken a look at your past, let’s look to your present. Many of your happy moments are geared around what you value the most in life. You may have several values that are very important to your happiness and well-being; such as ambition to learn new skills, balance in life and work, a feeling of belonging, devotion to your family, faith, passion for community or a cause, or you may value solitude.

Take this week and write out a list of 10-20 values that are important to you. There are a couple ways to go about this that will be helpful. You can reference your past memories list, where you dug deeper into each moment to grab hold of the factors that led to happiness. Those memories will reflect some of your values.

You can also take note of activities you do currently or would like do to more often that bring you happiness.  Make sure, just as you dug deeper into your past memories, you also dig deeper into the details of your current activities to find those core factors and values that personally bring you happiness and joy.

If you are having trouble coming up with values, here is a resource that provides a list of values.

Core Values

So much of your past energy may have been in finding happiness where ever you could with whomever was convenient. While you may have been happy for the moment, in most likelihood the happiness didn’t last.

To truly find what will make a lasting impact on your happiness, you need to hone in your focus and energy to creating opportunities for happiness that reflect your core values.

With this list of 10-20 now tangible values, you specifically chose as the most important to your life, you are well equipped to begin masterfully dictating personal happiness.

Let us know in the comments below what core values you have discovered for yourself.

Stay tuned for Part 3 in our series

Into The Heart Of Finding Happiness.

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