Into The Heart Of Finding Happiness (Part 3)

Into The Heart Of Finding Happiness (Part 3)

A Personalized Guide On Finding What Brings You Happiness (Part 3)

Happiness Awaits! We are so proud of you for taking the steps necessary for finding meaningful and long-lasting personal happiness. Our 3-step series began with retrospection and then delved into self-evaluation.  If you have completed steps 1 and 2, and are now ready for the final step; give yourself a big pat on your back! Seriously, most people do not go through so much work and self-reflection on their path to seeking happiness.

If you missed the first step click here to begin.

Part 3 of our 3 part series, Into The Heart Of Finding Happiness, brings us to determination.

Into The Heart of Finding Happiness

Step 3: Determination

The best is yet to come. You have compiled an amazing list of memories and values that you hold dear to your heart.  The final focus is aligning those memories and values with determination. Determination, by definition, is a firmness of purpose or resoluteness. The process of establishing something exactly. Based on your past happiest memories and what you value most in your life today, now is the time to develop your happiness plan of action.

Your Happiness Plan Of Action

A plan of action, you say, for happiness? Yes! It isn’t enough to just know what made you happy in the past or what you value most in life. While happiness can come from anything, at anytime. There is no guarantee you will find what makes you happy today or tomorrow. Unless you set a goal and purpose of finding happiness.

To move toward your goal of a life conitnually filled with happiness, you must set priorities and make commitments to yourself.

For example, if you find that a sense of belonging is a value you hold dear and one of your happiest memories was of being together with family, then making time with your family a priority that you commit your time to improving the amount and quality can greatly improve your happiness. As well as increase that sense of belonging that you value.

As you go through your two lists and pick out the correlations, you can begin to develop your list of items that you should prioritise and commit more effort toward. Those efforts are like guardrails, keeping you on the straight and narrow road to a life filled with happiness, joy and contentment.

Living Life With Purpose

We hope you come away with new insight and incentive for living your life to the fullest, and with a commitment toward a happier you with our 3 part series “Into The Heart Of Finding Happiness”.  Please let us know how this has impacted your life in the comments below, so that it can inspire others.

Share this series with a friend, and share happiness with the world. Much Happiness Always.

Into The Heart Of Finding Happiness.

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