New Year, New Happier You – 12 Ways To A Happier You

2017 New Year New Happier You

New Year, New Happier You – 12 Ways To A Happier You

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New Year, New Happier You

As we start a new year, it feels much like a new chapter in our lives with a turn of the page to 2017.  We reflect on the highs and lows of 2016 and make resolutions to make this year even better.

With New Year’s resolutions, we usually go Gung-ho on a huge list of resolutions we will never get to or finish. That’s why we wanted to create something for you that was more personal, easy to do, and wouldn’t overwhelm.

We find the best way to accomplish goals is break them up over a period time in more manageable chunks. Completing one aspect and then being able to move onto another lets you build on your confidence; and ultimately succeed in meeting your goal.

Our list of 12 ways to bring happiness is meant for you to choose just one item per month, that’s it.  Putting your whole heart into one resolution at a time will add up to a bounty of happiness all year long.

12 Ways To A Happier You


Decide To Be Happy

What you focus or dwell on from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed will greatly impact your outlook on life and your future. With life being a roller coaster of highs and lows, we have to make a conscious effort to focus on the blessings you have and take a positive approach to life.  You must choose to be happy in the midst of life’s chaos. Choose to think positive thoughts throughout the day and end every night with a note that tomorrow will be even better.

Meditate On Happiness

Choose an upbeat song, positive quote, or message and focus on how those words can transform your heart, mind, and even maybe your outlook on life.  Looking for a favorite or inspirational quote? Check out our Happy Quote collection for happy, positive thoughts.

Reduce or Eliminate Stress Inducers

What in your life stresses you the most? Write a list this month of 3-5 things that stress you OUT. Each week tackle one or two by brainstorming ways to reduce or eliminate the stress. Maybe it’s a workload at the office or too much going on at home.  Call in reinforcements to assist you on a project at work or have the kids or spouse help out with errands or chores at home. Is it a relationship? You can write out your thoughts in a journal so you are not bottling them up. You can talk to a trusted friend to gain their perspective or advice.  Or you can find the courage to sit down with the person and communicate your feelings and work on a resolution. Maybe all three is needed. Whatever it may be, happiness awaits.


Studies have proven that when we smile (even a less genuine smile)  it actually creates a happy feeling. And smiling is contagious. So share a smile and give happiness to someone while boosting your own happiness. Choose someone new everyday to smile to and see the difference in your outlook and on the people around you.


A life cluttered with chaos and stuff can lead to frustration for you and your family. Take this month to go room by room and purge unwanted or no longer used items. You can sell the items online, donate to a local charity, or give to a neighbor or friend in need. Is your life full of chaos? Then take a look at your schedule and demands. Delegate where you can, re-evaluate, eliminate, and / or prioritize your to do’s. Make it a goal everyday to mark something off that list.


Ah what a breathe of fresh air to have a life organized. Whether it’s your daily schedule, the kids routine, or your house there is something very calming about everything in its rightful place. With a month to organize you can tackle a room or area in your life a week at a time, so you are not overwhelmed. We would encourage you first to use the month before to de-clutter before you try and organize. It will help with placement and take that necessary step out of the equation before you tackle a room.

Take Time For Yourself

Seriously, take at least an hour a week to unwind and do something that makes you happy. It could be quiet time,  a time to curl up to a good book, go to the spa,  or a lunch date with an old friend. Whatever brings you happiness. When you radiate happiness, others will follow suite.

Tackle Something New

There have been many times over the years I had wished I took the time to learn a new skill or how to cook a new dish I love. Well make it a priority this month to learn something new and challenging. Successfully learning a new skill and that sense of accomplishment will surely bring you much happiness that can be used over and over again throughout the years ahead.

Quality Time

Don’t let the hustle and bustle of life have you missing out on what matters most – family and friends. Time is the most precious thing we have, so let’s use it in one of the most rewarding of ways.  Make “dates” and keep them. It can be something simple as conversation over coffee or a little more elaborate such as a Sunday dinner. Memories are made and happiness is in bloom when you build up your relationships.

Stretch Your Way To Happiness

Your body, from the time you hop (or hobble) out of bed to the time you lay (or crash) back into bed, goes through constant demands. Whether it is from working, errand running , children corralling, shopping for groceries, making dinner, and the list could go on; your body gets a great workout.  So just like any athlete beginning their exercise routine, your body needs a warm up to prevent muscle injury. Start your mornings with a good 10-15 warmup of stretches to get the blood flowing, the heart ticking, and the muscles ready to tackle the day.

Count Your Blessings

We all tend to count our blessings from time to time, but have you ever really counted them? Take this month to journal every morning or just before bed all the blessings you had throughout the day (or day before). At the end of the month, re-read and count all those blessings. You will be amazed at how lucky you are in life and how much you have to be happy for!

Happiness Delivered

We are poised to bring you happiness everyday. We compile and create resources, quotes, and images, and emails that are aimed solely at bringing you happiness and positivity  everyday. So what better way to spend your time than perusing our site or engaging with us on any of our social media accounts, or getting our monthly newsletter overflowing with happiness.   Just a few minutes a day will keep the negativity away. 🙂


Are you an overachiever looking for more ways to boost your happiness in the New Year? Try our Road To Happiness : 30 Ways in 30 Days to Boost Your Happiness! road map. Fantastic and easy to follow ideas with details and examples that will inspire you every day.

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