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Road To Happiness: 30 Ways In 30 Days To Boost Your Happiness!


Looking for ways to boost your happiness? Of course, we all are. But how or where do you start? Your life is hectic, full of challenges and stress.

We understand and want to help build up your happiness reservoir. So when times get tough, your first thought is “Yes, I Can Be Happy Today”. So let’s break away from the daily grind and put on a spirit of happiness.

Our “Road To Happiness: 30 Ways In 30 Days To Boost Your Happiness” road map gives you one simple, yet impactful, way every day to purposefully prioritize boosting your happiness level. Our road map is easy to follow and you can start at any time. So, Let’s Get Your Happy On!

The Road To Happiness Begins With One Step


Day 1: Decide To Be Happy Today.

To begin on the road to happiness, you first must decide that “Yes, I Will Be Happy”. It takes a conscious effort every day to put aside the negative and to focus on finding happiness.

Day 2: Meditate On A Positive Quote.

We have scoured the internet for all things that could boost your happiness. Take the day to reflect on the words and meaning from the positive quote. Memorize the words so they are written on your heart. Feel free to peruse and choose one from our site or what we have shared through social media. If you have a favorite quote that inspires you not found on the list, let us know. We would love to add it to our Happy Quote collection to inspire and bring happiness to others.

Day 3: Start A Journal.

Journaling is a great way to reflect on your day, your thoughts, and your concerns. You can use your journal to reduce stress and unwind your mind from the barrage of daily worries. Use your journal as a tool to boost your happiness level by writing something positive about your day, add a new positive quote to reflect on, note something you enjoyed doing and would like to do again. The possibilities are endless.

Day 4: Talk To A Stranger.

What better way to boost happiness then meet someone new, maybe it will bring about a new friendship. Don’t forget, sharing happiness with someone also boosts your happiness level. So share a kind word, you never know the positive impact you may have.

Day 5: Call An Old Friend.

Don’t let the distractions of every day life or distance keep you from the rewarding relationships with friends of time past.  Travel down memory lane and share a good laugh. Take the time to show your concern for their well-being. There is strength and power in support from people who love and cherish you. Keep those relationships fresh so you can share joy and happiness for years to come.

Day 6: Share A Fond Memory.

Put a smile on your face and boost your happiness by sharing a fond memory. We all love to hear about great experiences people have had during their lifetime. And the best part is it’s contagious. Once someone shares a story, it usually jogs a memory for someone else and they share it, and so on. Great conversations can be had just by sharing fond memories.

Day 7: Mail A Postcard To A Loved One.

With technology today allowing us to instantly send an email, e-cards, status posts, or chats; sending physical letters or cards through the mail is becoming a thing of the past. Send the gift of happiness to a loved one by mailing a postcard with a note letting them know you are thinking of them. Sharing happiness has been shone to boost your own happiness level.

Day 8: Take A Walk In The Park.

Strolling through a quiet, tree-filled park has shown to improve your mental health making you feel more happier. Dwelling on the beauty of the nature around subdues those pessimistic thoughts. It is also has the added benefit of getting you off the couch and getting your body moving.

Day 9: Ride A Bike.

A great means to reduce stress and boost those happy feelings is through a fun and leisure ride on a bike. Physical activity triggers your body to release endorphins that interact with your brain to enhance your mood and give you a sense of well-being.

Day 10: Have A Picnic.

Fresh air, great food, and atmosphere. What more could you ask for. Enjoying a picnic along a beach or in a park setting helps you unwind from your busy day and can bring a smile to even the most stressed of minds.

Day 11: Enjoy A Movie.

Anytime of year is a good time to take in a movie. Whether you need to get away from the heat of summer or the snow of winter, taking in a romantic comedy or action-packed film with friends can bring laughter and bust stress.

Day 12; Read An Article You Have Set Aside.

How many times have you really wanted to read through a magazine or news article only to be distracted once again by the demands of life. Taking time to enjoy something you want to do, helps boost your happiness level and keeps the other areas of your life in balance. So schedule the time to finish that article and see how the story ends.

Day 13: List Things You’re Grateful For.

Showing gratitude for even the smallest of blessings is a great way to boost your happiness reservoir.  So grab that journal and write down something you are thankful for throughout your day. You will be amazed out how long your list grows.  Making a gratitude list can really put things in perspective for you.

Day 14: Learn A New Joke And Share It.

Share the gift of happiness through laughter by sharing a joke.  It doesn’t have to be a great joke. Just telling a joke can put a smile on someone’s face and boost both of yours happiness levels. So laugh on.

Day 15: Clean And Organize One Space In Your Home.

A cluttered mind is a stressed mind. Looking around your home and seeing clutter can surely boost stress. So let’s use this day to tackle just one space in your home. It can be that pesky junk drawer, your bedroom closet, a child’s bedroom, or a garage. The size of the space you choose to tackle does not matter. What matters is that you are allotting yourself time to declutter one space that has been nagging at your mind and reducing your happiness level.

Day 16: Play Fetch With Your Dog Or Cuddle With Your Cat.

Our furry friends have proven time and time again that they can boost our happiness and reduce stress. Let’s give them some one-on-one time with a game of fetch or with snuggle time. You both will be happier for it.

Day 17: Break Away From Social Media.

Gasp! Did we just say break away from social media? Yes we did. Sometimes social media can inundate us with so much information that we need to step away and give our minds and emotions a break. Besides it can suck time away that you could spend with a friend or loved one. So take this day to turn off that tablet and call a friend, read a book, go golfing, or anything that you find great happiness in doing.

Day 18: Eat Healthier.

Research has shown for years the multitude of benefits we get from a healthy diet. We can boost our energy level, focus more, increase the fighting power of our immune system, and enhance our mood. So pass on the donuts today and choose to go green, with veggies that is.

Day 19: Treat Yourself To Some Thing Special.

To keep that happiness reservoir full, you need to keep filling it with actions that pour in the happiness. This includes taking care of yourself. Whether you take this whole day or just a few hours, use this time to pamper yourself and shine bright with happiness. Your special treat could be anything from enjoying a tasty treat to reading a book or visiting a place you have been meaning to see.

Day 20: Stretch To Relieve Stress As Soon As You Wake Up.

Athletes stretch before they begin their exercise regime to warm up their body for the work that lays ahead and to stave off a muscle injury. While you may or may not be an athlete, your body can really use a good stretch before you start your day filled with work, shopping, and errand running. Just 10-15 minutes can prep your body and mind for the days activities.

Day 21: Take A Breather – Literally Take A Deep Breath And Exhale Slowly.

The hustle and bustle of our busy lives can wreck havoc on our happiness reservoir. Take today to make a conscious effort to stop and breathe in slowly, then exhale slowly. Relaxing breathing exercises can relax the body and de-stress the mind; giving room to allow happiness to pour in.

Day 22: Make A New Friend.

Friends bring such joy and happiness, so why not add more. A great way to meet a new friend is to join a network or group of people (like a book club or after-work networking group) with similar interests as your own. It will be much easier to engage and develop a lasting friendship when you both share a common interest or passion.

Day 23: Listen To Uplifting Music.

Music can speak right to our souls and bring great comfort and joy through their words and sounds. Start your day by putting together a simple playlist of your favorite, upbeat tunes or stream a music station that keeps the happiness vibrations going all day long.

Day 24: Learn A New Skill Or Craft.

The possibilities are endless here. How exciting to learn something new. Are you not sure what or how to learn a new skill? Well what are your interests? Make a list and then search the web. With information so readily available at a click of a button today, we can watch a YouTube video on just about anything or find a tutorial with step by step instructions. Once you have mastered that new skill, consider sharing your knowledge by teaching it someone else. There is always room to share happiness.

Day 25: Get Some Rest.

We know the benefits of eating healthy and exercising. But did you know how much sleep you get also has a great effect on your health and well-being? At least 7 hours of sleep is needed to rejuvenate our minds and bodies from the demands of our day. Power naps are also great ways to boost our happiness and well-being during the day.

Day 26: Reflect On Your Strengths.

Comparing ourselves to others can lead to a sense of lower worth or value. Take today to reflect on your own strengths. Yes, we all have strengths. Some people are great listeners or problem-solvers or bake a mean cake. Once you make your list, step back and reflect at all the wonderful things you bring to the table. You are so valuable just by being you.

Day 27: Do A Good Deed.

Sharing happiness boosts your own happiness. Choose today to share happiness by doing a good deed, even if it goes unnoticed. The main purpose is for someone share in and enjoy in the same thing you are, happiness. Good deeds can range from volunteering, to planting a tree for future generations to enjoy, weeding a neighbors flower bed, donating toys to organizations that help children, writing a thank-you note to someone who would not expect it, recycle that water bottle, or hold the door open for someone. So many good deeds to be had. Keep in mind, you can do more than one in a day.

Day 28: Let The Sunshine In.

A fantastic way to get your daily dose of Vitamin D and it’s health benefits is to let the light shine in. Throw open those curtains and pull up those blinds. Sunshine not only benefits us with the power-producing benefits of Vitamin D, but also has shown to improve alertness, help our bodies fight disease, fight depression, convert metabolic energy, regulate our lifespan, and have pain-killing properties. Who knew? Yeah for sunshine.

Day 29: Prepare For Tomorrow – Today.

If you start your day prepared and organized, you are more likely to begin your day with confidence and happiness. Many of us begin our day with children to wake up, feed, and clothe, as well as get ourselves ready for work or other tasks for the day. Let’s stop the stress of morning routines before it even begins, by preparing the night before. Pick out everyone’s clothes for the next day, have lunches packed and ready to go, and alarm set. Having just a few items checked off your to do list the night before can save your sanity and your happiness level.

Day 30: Don’t Forget To Keep Smiling!

Smiling, even if it is fake (though we prefer genuine smiles), has shown through studies and research to actually cause a happy feeling.  So put a smile on your face and boost your happiness.


Woohoo you just made it through our “Road To Happiness: 30 Ways in 30 Days To Boost Happiness” guide. We hope it has brought you many days filled with happiness and given you a new perspective on how easy it can be to actively seek and fill your happiness reservoir.

Ready for more days filled with happiness? Our guide is meant be used over and over again. Print it out or bookmark this page to easily access your map to happiness.

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