An App that has made Kindness into a Game… Introducing, The Good Cards

An App that has made Kindness into a Game… Introducing, The Good Cards

Are you a dreamer that wishes to spread happiness? Well, guess what!? One company has set out to make sure you, and other dreamers, are able to make real life impacts on the world around them! Introducing, The Good Cards, whose goal is to create a community of dreamers by having users play the game and track the series of reactions happening from players doing good deeds.


How Does it Work?

You may be wonder how this program actually works. The first thing to do is to head to their Kickstarter, to receive your Good Card, which is a physical card with a QR code. Download the “The Good Cards” mobile app and scan your physical card using the QR reader within the app. After scanning, you will receive a mission. Although missions are unique, we wanted to test it for ourselves for the purpose of explanation. So, for our first mission here at AllegroToday, the app reminded us that in order to be there for others, one must be there for themselves. So, for our first mission, the app challenged us to treat ourselves.

Our Missions include options such as:

  • Sign up for WorkOut Class!
  • Book an Adventurous Weekend!
  • Create something from Scratch!

And the list goes on!

After finishing the challenge, pass the card on to the person that received the good deed mission that you just completed. Once they receive the card, they should scan the same card into “The Good Cards” mobile app and start again with a new good deed mission! As that card travels, the stories grow and the progress of kindness is shown through the app.


What’s the Purpose?

Just like AllegroToday, the purpose of The Good Cards project is to spread positivity and kindness into the world! The Good Cards would like to help build social trust in a world filled with environmental and social challenges. By sharing stories and doing good, we create communities of inspirational collective actions that assist in building and restoring faith in humanity and society. Overall, The Good Cards would be a great addition to living a positive lifestyle!

Join the Game, Become part of the Community!

 So, if you want to continue to spread endless positivity into the world, Join the game and follow The Good Cards on social media to stay up to date on their upcoming release!!!


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